God is using the gift you sent for evangelism. May God bless you for being a partner in this ministry.

What we ask teens to do

When a student responds during one of Proclaim International’s high school assemblies to surrender his life to Jesus Christ, a counselor shows himBible verses and talks about his serious need, and the wonderful provision God made for him through Christ. The counselor also clarifies for the teen the decision he needs to make, and leads him in a prayer of repentance, accepting God’s great offer of forgiveness for sin and reconciliation with himself.

Teens are at a time in life when they can make rather childish decisions at one time, and surprisingly adult decisions at another. In Latin America, some high school students are already required to take on adult responsibilities and to make important decisions. Speakers and evangelists with P.I. constantly work at clarifying the adult, positive, life-long decisions we recommend that our listeners make.

Teens write the most amazing things

Do they really understand? Many do. When you read reports from P.I., you see what students wrote when they responded to the gospel. Here are a few examples indicating that these teens understand:

  • [The high school assembly] made me think about the important things of life and [how things influence] my heart, and [the need to] keep away from things that would destroy me. (Age: 18)
  • I want to follow Christ and stay close to him, for him to guide me. (Age: 16)
  • I made the decision [to surrender to Christ] so I would be personally secure and stay close to him. (Age: 16)
  • I decided that I want to repent of all the bad things I've done in my life, and I want to start a new life today. (Age: 16).

You help to make the change possible in the lives of these teens

Several absolutely essential things must come together to make such results possible in the lives of teenagers –  financial support, planning, scheduling, speakers, evangelists, and equipment. It can’t happen without supporters like you. Thank you very much for the donation you gave.

And the first essential ingredient in this work is the will of God, expressed in Christ’s great commission to all of us to make disciples. Let’s continue to reach them while they are teens.

                                                                                                                                               Yours in Christ,
                                                                                                                                               John Buerer