for Christian volunteers to travel internationally

You may be equipped by your profession to address important health or social issues. If you would enjoy speaking to audiences of teenagers about the benefits of making good long-term choices, and to offer them advice for successful living, this is for you. 


Some Professions

  • Psychologists, family counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, etc.
  • Health professionals, such as doctors and nurses
  • Professionals working in crisis pregnancy centers or homes for unwed mothers
  • Health or science teachers

Venues and presentations

  • Assemblies in public and private high schools in Latin America.
  • Proclaim International will help a speaker match a subject to his/her skills, training and experience and will aid him/her in the development of a suitable PowerPoint presentation.
  • The second speaker in each event is an Hispanic youth evangelist who will encourage students to make good moral, ethical and spiritual decisions. They will learn the importance of repenting of sin and surrendering their lives to the leadership of Jesus Christ in order to live in right relationship with both God and mankind.

Sample speaking topics

  • Abuse prevention (physical, emotional, sexual)
  • Addictions and the danger of drugs
  • Teens at risk of sexually transmitted diseases 
  • including AIDS
  • The benefits of saving sex for marriage
  • Accident prevention and emergency first response
  • The effects of alcohol on teenagers
  • Origins of life: By design or by chance?
  • Risks of gang involvement
  • The urgency of honesty

Brochure for speakers

To do what?

  • Travel internationally on a one or two week assignment.
  • Speak several times a day during the week on the same medical, social or science subject important to teenagers.

Qualifications and skills

  • Willing to take an international short-term assignment for travel and speaking.
  • Trained and/or working in one's profession.
  • Adaptable, dependable, able to work in a team.
  • Believes the Bible, desires to pursue and follow Jesus Christ, can be recommended by the pastor(s) of the church of which he/she is a member, and is a model of Christian life, whether married, single or widowed.
  • Agrees with what we believe.
  • Prints, completes, returns a short personal information form.
  • If divorced, is willing to communicate with P.I. when asked about it. **
  • Experience of working with teenagers is helpful, but not necessary.
  • Ability to speak fluently in Spanish is helpful, but not necessary (translators are provided as needed).

See a week in the Dominican Republic


  • Adapted to the speaker's schedule.
  • Be available at least one work week.


  • Latin America. 60% of these school assemblies are in Peru. Events are also held in Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

Your next step ...

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** The subject of divorce needs to be mentioned in this context, although we are sorry that doing so may remind some readers of deep emotional wounds. Host churches sometimes ask volunteer speakers to speak in church meetings, and often the marital status of its speakers is a doctrinal issue in these congregations. Host churches in some areas expect Proclaim International to vet participants in this manner.