Enjoy the blessing of giving (donate now)

You're an essential part of the team because you put "boots on the ground" spiritually speaking when you give. Our brothers and sisters in the gospel are ready to tramp the highways and byways to "tell teens the truth" about life and to invite them to the kingdom of God, and they can do it because you give.

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Using your gifts for good

Your God-given interests helped bring you this far. Now you can take your interests, education and experience and share what you know with teens in Latin American schools to help them make careful decisions about life. And we arrange translators for non-Spanish speakers.

Giving just a school-week of your time, you can share your message in fifteen or sixteen venues. Okay, that's a bit intense. But it multiplies your impact, while saving you time.

People in Latin America are praying for this, and you can join them

What to pray for 

Prayer doesn't change things, but God sure does, and he listens tenderly when his children call to him.

Will you be one of the "callers" who ask him to open doors for Proclaim International's ministry,  soften the hearts of teens, teachers and school administrators, and lead them to surrender wholeheartedly to the ownership Jesus Christ has on their lives?